The worldwide shipping & forwarding – not just happening on shipper & consignee’s efforts alone, the forwarding agents are the best connecting partners of smooth shipping in excellent handling.

We, Aura Freight Time Shipping LLC, being part of 4 forwarders networks around the globe, are able to cater services be it in any term, Ex-works, FOB, DDP, DDU, making us a “one-stop” solution for all.

Our networking skills and relationship with the partners across the globe enables us to make an effective solution that is affordable with care and helps us secure your every shipment all along. Every region, every station, city, port around the globe – offering services & tariff from an average of more than 2 partners, positions us to offer you a competitive tariff for the services.

Join us in getting the world work for your success by the best all along!

Our Partners

What We Offer

3PL freight forwarding solution to your needs; LCL, FCL & Air services to and from over 120 countries.

We leverage our resources and industry tie-ups to meet all your needs on air freight service in Dubai.

Be backed by a leading network of sea freight service experts with flexible and streamlined solutions.

Affordable and alternative Road Freight designed route to get your shipment to your destination if the airline service is inaccessible.

Get the best of both, the cost-effectiveness of sea freight service and the speed of air freight service.

Avoid constraints by having temporary storage with flexible and low costs. 

Get the experts of customs brokers and customs clearance agents to guide you in the world of ever-changing rules to avoid hassle and penalties.