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Customs Clearance Services UAE

Safe and Hassle-free

At Aura Freight Time Shipping, we know that the common challenge in the industry of export and import freight forwarding is customs clearance, and with that comes the integral need for experts who specialize in handling the customs clearance procedures, and that’s where we come in. As the leading customs clearance company in Dubai, our core value is customer satisfaction, and one of the courses of action in achieving that is by making sure that our clients avoid hassle, wastage of time, and needless penalties. The last thing our clients need to worry about is the ever-changing customs clearance regulations. Our team of customs clearance experts is trained and up to date with the latest regulations and we work diligently to ensure that all paperwork is completed accurately and in a timely fashion.

Our Customs Clearance Services UAE, provides a comprehensive range of services for customs clearance to ensure you have the most effective experience possible. Being the best customs clearance agent in Dubai Our staff is knowledgeable in the various regulations and laws of the UAE’s customs authority and has extensive experience dealing with governmental agencies. We guarantee that all incoming and outgoing shipments will be cleared through customs quickly, effectively, and efficiently and delivered to the warehouse. We have the knowledge and experience to handle all imported materials, including goods, everyday items, food, chemicals, medical supplies, electronics, and electrical equipment, as well as customs clearance services for vehicles and equipment, regardless of the shipment. Our customs clearance agents have been certified and trained in the best possible way to ensure that they meet the highest standards of professionalism and accuracy.

Our Facilities and Team

We have a dedicated team of expert customs brokers and customs clearance agents in Dubai who are experienced and equipped at handling triangular shipments that will guide our clients effectively while they ensure that your consignment undergoes and clears the government customs swiftly. In correspondence with that, we advise our customers to provide documentation that adheres to the relevant state’s / country’s customs clearance law to achieve smooth custom clearance.

What we bring in store with our customs clearance services in the UAE:

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What We Offer

3PL freight forwarding solution to your needs; LCL, FCL & Air services to and from over 120 countries.

We leverage our resources and industry tie-ups to meet all your needs on-air freight service in Dubai.
Roll-On – Roll-Off Freight is the best option for self-propelled cargo sea transportation were it is loaded onto a vessel on its own wheels using ramps.
Be backed by a leading network of sea freight service experts with flexible and streamlined solutions.
Get the best of both, the cost-effectiveness of sea freight service and the speed of air freight service.
Aimed at guaranteeing the safety and quality of imported & re-exported food. At Aura, we ensure simple & prompt procedures and transactions to facilitate food trade.
Get access to a trusted distribution team to improve channel performance and to deliver your shipment with flexibility and reliability.
Affordable and alternative Road Freight designed route to get your shipment to your destination if the airline service is inaccessible.
An effective and interconnected approach to inventory control that you can rely on for efficiency.
Finding the right suppliers and materials for the quality you need at a the right price
Get an expert team to guide you in handling special equipment shipping and for securing placement for heavy machinery to various routes.

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