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Car Shipping Company In Dubai

RORO vessels (Roll on / roll off) is the best option for sea transportation of self-propelled cargoes. Machinery is loaded onto a vessel on its own wheels, using the special collapsible ramp. It makes loading and unloading much easier compared to loading by cranes, and significantly decreases the risk of damaging the cargo. Furthermore, on Ro-Ro vessels all the cargo is usually transported under the deck, which helps to avoid the influence of a salt maritime environment.

Our company, a RORO freight forwarder in Dubai is the Messina Line agent of UAE – one of the largest RORO Shipping Company in Dubai – also cooperating with other major players in the market of RORO shipping. Having our own team of professional drivers, and license for automobile transportation, we deliver trucks on their own wheels to the port of loading.

Through our RORO shipping services, we specialize in transporting vehicles, containers, and other types of rolling cargo to and from different parts of the world. Ro-Ro shipping service is considered one of the safest and most efficient shipping services for cargo delivery and car shipping company in Dubai.

So, what makes the RORO Shipping company in Dubai different from the majority of other ships used to carry cargo? For a start, container and cargo ships use cranes to load and unload their freight. These cranes are usually located in the port, although some smaller ships, such as feeder vessels will have cranes onboard. Vessels that use cranes are known as LoLo ships – lift-on / lift-off.

Clearly, given the nature of its cargo – namely wheeled vehicles – RORO shipping doesn’t need to rely on cranes: Instead, the vehicles it carries can simply be driven on and off the ship via a ramp.

In the majority of RoRos, the ramp is located at the stern of the vessel. For others, the ramp will be in the bow or at the sides of the ship. Ramps are also situated at the port for those vessels which don’t have their own built-in ramp.

Our Facilities and Team

  • RORO (Roll on Roll out), having equipment with mobility by wheels
  • Special Equipment – Flat Rack & Open top
  • OOG (Out of Gauge) – any type, any size – OOG handling been ex Jebel Ali, Dubai – regularly by us

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What We Offer

3PL freight forwarding solution to your needs; LCL, FCL & Air services to and from over 120 countries.

We leverage our resources and industry tie-ups to meet all your needs on-air freight service in Dubai.
Be backed by a leading network of sea freight service experts with flexible and streamlined solutions.
Get the best of both, the cost-effectiveness of sea freight service and the speed of air freight service.
Get the experts of customs brokers and customs clearance agents to guide you in the world of ever-changing rules to avoid hassle and penalties.
Aimed at guaranteeing the safety and quality of imported & re-exported food. At Aura, we ensure simple & prompt procedures and transactions to facilitate food trade.
Get access to a trusted distribution team to improve channel performance and to deliver your shipment with flexibility and reliability.
Affordable and alternative Road Freight designed route to get your shipment to your destination if the airline service is inaccessible.
An effective and interconnected approach to inventory control that you can rely on for efficiency.
Finding the right suppliers and materials for the quality you need at a the right price
Get an expert team to guide you in handling special equipment shipping and for securing placement for heavy machinery to various routes.

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